Giving your consent to HealthlinkNY gives healthcare professionals safe access to your records across NY State, resulting in better information and better care.

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When Will Your Critical Records Become Critical to You?

When you visit your doctor, change doctors or are referred to a specialist, all of those providers would have access to the same medical information about you, including your previous treatments, illnesses, lab work, allergies, procedures, and so on. If you are travelling and need health care anywhere in the HealthlinkNY region, those doctors can also access your medical history. In time, even doctors across the country will be able to access your records, which will alleviate some of the delays, complications, and uncertainty of getting sick or being in an accident when you're away from home.

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Common Health Exchange Questions

What is a Health Information Exchange (HIE)?

A health information exchange (HIE) is technology that allows healthcare information to pass electronically across organizations within a particular region or community. Clear and strict state and federal guidelines govern how the information can be exchanged, viewed, and used. The goal of the HIE is to make the information available when and where it is needed. HealthlinkNY is the Qualified Entity (QE) that governs the HIE in central NY, and currently serves a thirteen-county area – Rockland, Westchester, Putnam, Orange, Dutchess, Ulster, Sullivan, Delaware, Broome, Tioga, Chenango, Chemung, and Steuben. 

How does the HealthlinkNY HIE improve the quality of healthcare?

Through the HealthlinkNY HIE, healthcare providers have the most recent and complete healthcare records available when and where they need them. Having this information can improve the continuity of care for patients, particularly for those with multiple conditions and several different providers. In addition, the HealthlinkNY HIE can improve the quality of emergency care when the attending caregiver has immediate access to that patient's medical history.

Having more accurate records can help avoid medical errors, duplicate testing, and adverse drug interactions. Improved communication through emails and automatic reminders (e.g., for appointments and medications) can keep both the patient and caregiver on track with medications, procedure preparation, and follow up plans.

Participants of the HealthlinkNY HIE save time, money, and paper by having the ability to use the HIE information to complete some of the paperwork.


What is a Personal Health Record (PHR)?

A Personal Healthcare Record (PHR) is an electronic file of your medical and general healthcare history. This is information that might have been scattered across the record systems of the many doctor's offices and hospitals you visit. Your PHR may include details about allergies, adverse drug reactions, medications you're taking, illnesses and hospitalizations, surgeries and other medical procedures, vaccinations, laboratory test results, family history, and so on.

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